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Watcher II Wateloo Bay




A selection of new work will go on display at Skyring

Architects Bardon

from Saturday the 1st February  to Thursday the 27th of

  February 2014

                       EXHIBITIONS  2013

Birkdale Artist Heidi Savage Exhibits New Work at Percolator Gallery Paddington
Local artist Heidi Savage returns to the Brisbane art scene in August with the launch of her latest exhibition, ‘Seer and Scenery’, at Percolator Gallery, Paddington.
This stunning exhibition is the culmination of Heidi’s past 10 years, spent living, working and traveling throughout Queensland and New Zealand.
Featuring lush still-life's and landscapes in oil-on-canvas,
this body of work is as much about the artist’s inner journey as the outward voyage.
Visitors to this latest show will be struck by the quiet strength and power of Heidi Savage’s work, in which the rugged and majestic cliffs of New Zealand can be captured with the same sensitivity and intimacy as Heidi’s signature lotus flowers. These potent symbols are a personal motif of self-exploration which hints at a deeper agenda, and a passion for Eastern philosophy which informs her practice  as well as her aesthetic.
Heidi’s approach to her art is intuitive. She allows herself to be immersed and truly present in the landscape, taking only brief notes and suggestive sketches on-site, but focuses rather on drinking in the mood, atmosphere, sounds and palette of the place. Armed with her journal of impressions, Heidi then returns to the studio, where emotion, mood and memory guide her brush.
“The paintings constantly evolve’ says Heidi. ‘I start painting with no intention in mind, I layer paint and watch the images appear. Refusing to become precious with the parts I like, I just keep working the canvas, applying paint and scratching back until my story comes to light...’
The results are a series of dream-like, sublime and profound works that capture and radiate the essence of place and the spirit of contemplative solitude. There is a certain mastery in the light that glows from within her canvases and a tranquility that radiates through the shimmering layers of pigment. 
Currently based in Birkdale, and with Moreton Bay at her back door, Heidi’s work continues to evolve.
 Since graduating from Queensland College of Art in its early years at the original Seven Hills campus, Heidi has worked in the industry both here and abroad, as both an exhibiting artist and curator. 
She consistently draws inspiration from extensive travels throughout the world and in her own backyard.
For Heidi Savage, painting has become a means of processing information, distilling thoughts... and finding herself. While Heidi’s work is regularly described as meditative, the artist says this comes as no surprise, given the act of painting itself has become a meditation of sorts. 
It is this sense of peace and tranquility that Heidi hopes will touch and inspire her audience.

Opening night at Percolator gallery



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